Osteopathic manipulative techniques

Below is a brief overview of the main approaches, methods and techniques used in manual therapy and osteopathy (omt, osteopathic manipulative techniques), manipulative physical therapy and orthopedics, musculoskeletal and sports medicine.

OMT osteopathic manipulative techniquesThe choice of the most appropriate treatment should be based on an accurate diagnosis and understanding of the processes occurring in the patient's body. Diagnostics means not only and not so much instrumental methods (X-ray, MRI...) as professional orthopedic, neurological, osteopathic examination, which includes a detailed interview of the patient, the necessary tests and samples, and their subsequent analysis. I believe that repeated examinations, study of dynamics and, if necessary, correction of the methods used are an obligatory element in the therapeutic approach.

OMT techniques

Techniques used in both classical manual therapy and osteopathy:
■    Joint mobilization techniques
■    Neurodynamic Techniques therapy
■    Stecco method of Fascial Manipulation
■    Mulligan Technique of manual therapy
■    Soft Tissue massage techniques
■    Trigger Point Myotherapy massage
■    Post isometric relaxation technique
■    Muscle-Energy Techniques, MET

■    Neuromuscular treatment - NMT therapy

■    Still technique in OMT
■    Strain Counterstrain Technique
■    Facilitated Positional Release Technique
■    Craniosacral therapy treatment
■    Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation techniques
■    Deep connective tissue massage
■    Kinesiological testing in Applied Kinesiology
■    Toggle Recoil technique
■    Kinesio Taping Techniques
■    Schultz Autogenic Training

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