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What is the likelihood that you have one of the many possible dysfunctions and I can help you:

  • 0 positive answers - congratulations, we are almost certainly dealing with reversible dysfunction
  • 1-2, 3 but you are not sure - most likely yes, we can be more sure after the questionnaire
  • 4, confident 3 - perhaps the dysfunctions are contributing to your symptoms, but there is another illness/injury as well
  • 5 or more - you probably need to see your family doctor and follow up. If there is a need for my consultation, I suggest a call right away as the combination of symptoms is alarming.
Detailed description of my online osteopathic consultancy system
Osteopathy online vs offline
What I'm offering, an appointment for a consultation 🔥

Communication methods:

Write in watsapp, there we will clarify the variant, time of video consultation and/or you will receive a link to the questionnaire.
In the future you will only need a Google account and will use their convenient services Forms (questionnaire), Docs (materials with recommendations), Meet (video call, we can choose other options).

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