Chest pain when laughing left

40-year-old woman. Complains of chest pain when laughing in the heart and armpit area on the left side, increasing with laughter and also breathing, bending to the sides. The problem appeared one day ago after a strong and prolonged laughter.

Chest pain when laughing leftObjective examination: breathing is shallow, left thoracic movements are restricted, mobility of the second and third ribs on the left is greatly reduced, deep breathing is impossible due to a pain attack, vertebrae in the upper thoracic region are blocked. The intercostal, pectoralis mayor and serrаtus anterior muscles were very painful on palpation.

Diagnosis: expiratory functional block of the second and third ribs (on exhalation), upper thoracic block, myofascial pain syndrome of respiratory muscles.

Treatment: simultaneous mobilization of each of the ribs and its corresponding spinal-motor segment with strengthening movements.

As a result, after one session (5 minutes), almost complete restoration of painless deep breathing, bending to the sides causes only residual discomfort.

Сhest pain after laughing. Conclusions.

Not chronic, recent dysfunction, the causes of its appearance are known, chest pain first appeared after laughing hard, the mechanics of the disorder, the methods of eliminating it are clear. Such patients form the basis of "miraculous cases" of rapid healing by chiropractors and osteopaths. In a good way, we should have further dealt with the myofascial dysfunctions I mentioned, other related disorders. After all, laughter could only cause the problem if there was fertile ground in the body for it. But, unfortunately, after the achieved improvement, I never saw a satisfied patient again.


Most likely, she would have been diagnosed with intercostal neuralgia, or some incomprehensible pain in the thorax.

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