Trapped sciatic nerve symptoms

Girl 14 years old. Complaints of pain in the left buttock and hip, which occurs during running at a certain level of exertion (about 1-2 laps). It has been bothering her for more than two months, no obvious cause. Since she is an athlete and runner, this disorder makes it impossible for her to train and compete. Her coach suggested a trapped sciatic nerve

trapped sciatic nerve symptoms in hip Objective examination: the place of greatest pain near the sciatic tubercle is completely painless on palpation. The tendon of biceps femoris which is attached there do not hurt when pressed. The piriformis muscle is slightly sensitive, almost the same as on the asymptomatic side. Other muscles and ligaments of the pelvis are not painful. The range of motion in the hip is normal, its flexion causes some pain in the area of the external greater trochanter of the femur. Nerves mobility tests are positive and provoke the patient's usual pain. Only the distal mobility of the sciatic nerve on the left (from the center) is disturbed, the proximal movement and its tension do not cause any discomfort.

Diagnosis: functionally trapped sciatic nerve symptoms with limitation of its movement in the distal direction.

Treatment: mobilization of the fourth lumbar vertebrae to the opening of the intervertebral opening with simultaneous painless! movement of the sciatic nerve distally. Mobilization in movement of the hip joint in flexion.
☛  Clinical neurodynamics.

As a result, after only three movements of mobilization of the sciatic nerve - disappearance of pain in this movement, test for distal sciatic nerve mobility - negative, no pain provoking. Hip flexion does not cause any previous discomfort. Returned to training. After three weeks symptoms had not returned.

Symptoms of a trapped sciatic nerve. Conclusions.

A very interesting case, one of the examples of "miraculous healing". But, there is nothing miraculous about it, but there is an accurate diagnosis, understanding of the biomechanics and its possible violations, specific tests and no less specific methods of treatment.
As you can see from the history, the disorder appeared two months ago, was not going anywhere, stretching, training and other random methods did not make any improvement.
Also, I want to note that since the problem is of mechanical nature, by definition, it cannot be solved by any chemical or medicinal methods. As is very often the case.

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Grigori Tafi
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