Severe pain in forehead and eyes

Female, 53 years old. Complains of intermittent severe pain in forehead and eyes (2-3 times a week) and constant weak headaches in the forehead, temples, occiput. The pain began three years ago, when the attacks were even worse. She underwent a multidimensional medical examination (MRI of head and neck, study of head vessels, various analyses), consulted many specialists in hospitals and medical centers in Kiev. No significant pathology, which could explain the pain, was found. It was suggested that the problem was mental (psychogenic pain).

severe pain in forehead and eyes Objective examination: myofascial trigger zones in the muscles of the neck and masticatory muscles, which when provoked by pressure, caused reflected pain in the head and reproduced the patient's usual headache, were immediately identified. The most active muscles were: sternoclavicularis, upper trapezius muscle, splenitis capitis, suboccipital muscles, temporalis muscle.

Diagnosis: tension headache, myofascial pain syndrome of neck muscles with referred headaches.

Treatment was performed by progressive increase of pressure on trigger points (osteopathic variant of ischemic compression), myofascial release of fascial structures, postisometric relaxation.
☛  Trigger point therapy indication - myotherapy.

severe pain behind eyes and foreheadResults. Significant improvement after the first session, after the fifth session the habitual headache was gone completely, frequency and intensity of attacks reduced considerably. For consolidation of results the patient is indicated self-training (postisometric relaxation and for improvement of posture), B-group vitamins, folic acid and microelements are prescribed.

Severe pain behind eyes and forehead. Conclusions.

A clear example of completely ignoring the cause of 40-60% of headaches. Ignorance is not out of malice, but out of banal ignorance and lack of understanding of myofascial pain syndromes in principle. And the problem was serious - the patient was thinking about suicide.
The question: "Had you ever been in a car accident? "Yes! Three times in the last five years, the last time just before the problem started." Which suggests, in all probability, the presence of a whiplash injury to the neck, which led to the muscle disturbance and the reflected very severe headaches in the forehead area.

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