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So, what about osteopathy online? During a traditional appointment, we will also spend some time discussing and exploring your symptoms. When as osteopaths, we do detective work to find out what might be causing your pain or discomfort and decide how best to treat you. An osteopath consultation online is very similar in this respect.

Osteopathy onlineWe can still talk and discuss your symptoms as usual, and then use this information and clinical reasoning to diagnose what might be causing them. In addition to the functional abnormalities themselves, it is also important to look out for signs of serious and dangerous conditions, one in no way excludes the other and vice versa. As a first step, it is recommended to take the Quick Test

The main difference lies in the next part of the session. Instead of being examined in the office, you will be asked to do a few movements, stretches and tests, in a clarifying part also palpation (for example, whether such and such a muscle hurts if you press on it so and so). This is done in order to find out the reasons that may be causing your discomfort and to decide on the best therapeutic plan.

Recommendations, on the other hand, will include some specific exercises or self-massage techniques, which will then be sent to you as an individualized program for you to follow. The materials are in the form of illustrations with detailed instructions and if possible videos. In addition, an important part are general explanations of possible causes of the disorder and their solutions, advice on ergonomics, stress control, possible additional examinations and consultations with other specialists.

Both the questionnaire and materials with recommendations are placed in one place - Google, Google Forms and Google Docs, i.e. no additional registration is required.

    The choice of methods recommended to the patient is based on the following criteria:
  1. well-developed diagnosis and evaluation of results
  2. are as safe and proven as possible
  3. best suited for independent use by the patient

Some generally good methods do not pass such criteria. For example, push manipulations, aka thrusts, HVLA. The frequency of complications in their use, although very small, but by an order of magnitude more than in many other methods and most importantly - independent use is difficult. Of other joint methods, numerous variants of independent mobilization of joints do not have of such disadvantages.

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Communication methods:

Write in watsapp, there we will clarify the variant, time of video consultation and/or you will receive a link to the questionnaire.
In the future you will only need a Google account and will use their convenient services Forms (questionnaire), Docs (materials with recommendations), Meet (video call, we can choose other options).

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