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I offer two possible options. Here is the actual description of the aspects of my online system of diagnostics and treatment..

1. Video consultation

    30-45 minutes in length.
  • History taking and symptom assessment.
  • Initial diagnosis.
  • Answers to questions and recommendations.
  • Determine the prospects for further treatment with my methods.
  • Price - 10€

2. Comprehensive solution, including:

  • Detailed questionnaire

    Includes information about the nature and behavior of your symptoms, basic joint and nerve movements, and an assessment of your psychological state.
    The great advantage is the possibility to fill it out leisurely, at your convenience, recalling maximum details.

  • Video consultation

    About half an hour to an hour, clarifying questions, possible additional motor and palpatory tests and on their basis recommendations.
    It can be the first step if a quick test shows too many positive answers and the symptoms are very severe or if you just want to start with a live chat.

  • Verbal and written recommendations

    The actual recommendations, some of which may be sent later in text form with illustrations. They may include specific therapeutic exercises, self-massage techniques, ergonomic and stress control tips.
    Also, the nature of the abnormalities found, the prognosis for treatment, and the rationale for the diagnostic decision are stated.

  • Checking the results in a week or two or a month. Follow-up consultation

    Evaluation of the results and adjustment of the treatment plan. Also, its expansion towards deeper and hidden dysfunctions. The date of the follow-up consultation depends on the nature of the dysfunctions.
    If symptoms have already disappeared, additional long-term programs to restore body balance and improve quality of life are possible. For example, tests and exercises to correct weakened and shortened muscles, a program to normalize stress levels, improve the work of internal organs.

Price of the initial analysis of your case (total package offer) - 30€.

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Communication methods:

Write in watsapp, there we will clarify the variant, time of video consultation and/or you will receive a link to the questionnaire.
In the future you will only need a Google account and will use their convenient services Forms (questionnaire), Docs (materials with recommendations), Meet (video call, we can choose other options).

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