Managing overactive bladder dysfunction

A 40-year-old man. Complains of symptoms of irritated bladder, frequent urination, very frequent urges and a feeling that he is not fully emptied, gets up 3-4 times a night to go to the toilet. Has been bothering for about 4 months. Can't connect with any cause like hypothermia etc.

Managing overactive bladder dysfunctionObjective examination: the patient is of normal stature, movements in the lower back, pelvis are not painful and do not cause any symptoms. Palpation of the abdomen revealed painful fascial thickening, especially in the center and below. Mobility of the bladder is limited, attempts to displace it cause the same sensation of irritation.

Diagnosis: impaired normal mobility of the bladder and its irritation associated with restriction of the surrounding tissues, primarily fascial.

Treatment: fascial manipulations for the corresponding internal dysfunctions, visceral osteopathy in the form of bladder mobilization.
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Results: significant reduction of irritation after the first time, he started waking up to pee 0-1 times a night, also noticeably easier during the day. Even better after a second treatment a week later. A month later we repeated the treatment - palpation became noticeably less painful, the former irritation does not arise.

Osteopathic managing of the overactive bladder. Conclusions.

Conclusions: a case illustrating the relationship between fascial tensions and the function of internal organs. Wait, so how are they related, you may ask. In the fascial sheets surrounding the internal organs there are extramural nerve nodes - ganglia, which regulate peristalsis and other functions.
Fascial disorders cause both mechanical effects on the mobility and motility of the organ and changes in the activity of its nerve nodes due to piezoelectric effects in the connective tissue.

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