SI joint pain left side

A 35-year-old man. Complains of pain in sacroiliac joint area left side, which increases when bending forward and standing for a long time. He has been experiencing pain on exertion and constant discomfort for 5-6 years.

SI joint pain left side locationObjective examination revealed limited mobility of the sacroiliac joint on the left (positive flexion and stork test), lumbar springs are impaired, sacrum is located and moves asymmetrically, the left pubic bone is higher than the right, the left leg is functionally shorter than the right, the fifth lumbar vertebra is rotated together with the sacrum. Symptoms of tension, compression of roots and nerves were negative.

Diagnosis: posterior-upper pubic joint dysfunction on the left, posterior rotation of the iliac bone on the left (iliac-sacral dysfunction), rotation of the sacrum to the left along the right oblique axis (sacro-iliac dysfunction).

Treatment: muscle-energetic techniques corresponding to the dysfunctions plus myofascial relaxation of the associated fasciae and muscles, mobilization in flexion of the fifth lumbar vertebra.

The result is disappearance of discomfort, sharp decrease of pain on exertion, increase of painless range of motion. Recommendations and exercises were given to maintain the achieved improvement.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction pain location. Conclusions.

Quite a representative case of a frequent problem. Accurate diagnostics, choice of adequate methods of treatment led to success. But even more important is the exclusion of pathologies in which si joint pain on the left side can occur and these methods are ineffective or contraindicated. These are the so-called "red flags", in this case inflammatory, degenerative and traumatic changes of the lumbosacral region. Due to the fact that there was non-functional dysfunction of the sacrum to the right along the left oblique axis (backward), the most likely cause of the problem is trauma (fall, sudden movement from an awkward position).

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