Pain in left arm and leg

Boy, 25 years old. Complaints of pulling pain in left arm and leg, which appeared two weeks ago at the same time. Also pain in neck and thoracic spine. He denies any injuries or other possible causative factors.

pain in left arm and leg Objective examination: pain in the neck when turning to the right, to a lesser extent when bending over. Pain in the mid-thoracic region when turning, more to the right. Nerve mobility test in the legs negative on both sides, in the left arm sharply positive and causing habitual pulling pains all over the arm.

Diagnosis: functional blocks of the spinal-motor segments in the cervical and thoracic regions, compression of the brachial plexus nerves, confirmed by treatment.

Treatment: mobilization in the painless direction of the C5-C6 segment in the neck and also in the mid-thoracic region, neurodynamic techniques of opening the interface with simultaneous mobilization of the nerves of the arm.
Neurodynamic techniques by David Butler and Michael Shacklock

Results: restoration of full and painless range of motion in the neck and thoracic region, neurological tests were negative, movements in the arm were free, without pain or discomfort. Interestingly, after some time the pulling sensations in the legs disappeared, after a week the patient had no more complaints.

Pain in left leg and arm causes. Conclusions.

A very pleasant case of "miraculous healing". Why was it possible? In addition to accuracy in diagnosis and choice of treatment methods, the short period from the onset of the disorder is very important. Which greatly increases the chances of its potential quick and complete reversibility. But, the longer the dysfunction existed, the more organic, irreversible tissue changes would appear.
Another point is that the symptoms in the leg also went away after treatment, suggesting that they are directly related to the dysfunction of the above-mentioned departments.

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